11th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019

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11th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019

Scares & Attractions

Dare to explore a unique experience

Five haunted houses, side shows, entertainment and more

From the blood soaked hallways of The Flesh Pot to the zombie infected dystopian future in 2073, each of our haunted house scare attractions offers a unique experience. But the scares aren't confined to the attractions, Corny the clown and other restless souls have a habbit of popping up just when you least expect it!

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A time travelling adventure to a dystopian future


Enter the fun house with a sinister twist


Dare to look inside this den of iniquity ?


A Human/Robot Hybrid


Will you make it out alive?


As today marks Corny's 2nd favourite date in the calendar, after Halloween, he's having a well deserved day off from stalking all of you unsuspecting screamers out there (yes, even you Karen) for his annual day of community work! 🤡 When you take so much from people it's nice to give a little back from time to time...

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